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In Gmail an AOL the spam folder will sometimes catch a newsletter that you had been receiving for several months without any problems. When you click the "not spam" button, the spam folder keeps repeating the mistake. People are reporting the same problem with AOL spam folders on ohter newsletters. Out of the blue Gmail and AOL began filtering a newsletter to the spam folders that was very well established as legitimate for my account. After a couple of months the problem with the spam folders disappeared.

Many people have seen this weird behaviour of their spam folders.

Webmasters that used to edit newsletters for the AOL partner area, got their newsletters regularly blocked by AOL and Gmail spam folders. Ofthen the company that is being used to mail the newsletters got itself blacklisted. However, it seems that AOL keeps intermittently blocking the newsletters in the spam folders. AOL users do experience problems with the spam folders. Newsletters are being blocked because (as mentioned) newsletter senders are sending "too many" emails at once, according to AOL. The Spam folders are now open to members.

If subscribers are not receiving their email, they may try going to Keyword: Mail Controls and then clicking the spam Folder link. AOL retains blocked email for some days, probably a day or two. Further details for AOLmail users : click here .



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